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Forms to use when selling a park home

pub-cover-docWhen selling your park home give the buyer the ‘Buyer’s information’ form.
Buyers information form >>
MS Word Document, 65.5KB

pub-cover-docWhen telling the site owner about the sale use the ‘Notice of proposed sale’ form.
Notice of proposed sale form >>
MS Word Document, 47.5KB


When assigning (transferring) the pitch agreement to the new owner use the ‘Assignment’ form.
Assignment form >>
MS Word Document, 38KB


Tell the buyer to complete a ‘Notice of Assignment’ form so they can pay the commission to the site owner.
Notice of Assignment form >>
MS Word Document, 48KB


When giving your park home to a family member use the ‘Notice of proposed gift’ form.
Notice of proposed gift form >>
MS Word Document, 54.5KB

Download all five forms in a ZIP file
selling a park home >>
Universal Zip File, 44KB